Heavy and oversize cargo transportation
Heavy and oversize cargo transportation
Heavy and oversize cargo transportation

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Motto: “heavy cargo - easy decision” accompanies us every day when solving complex logistics tasks that sometimes require other ideas. Sometimes after hearing about our intentions colleagues or partners call us crazy. For us it is a compliment and an acknowledgment that an idea is crazily good. We like dynamic and intensive work process, so we are always working in order to achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible. This attitude allows us strictly following the deadlines for delivery, regardless of where and how complex cargo we are transporting. By constantly accumulating knowledge, learning from our own and colleagues’ experience we work quickly, efficiently and we hope to be evaluated, because time is money! Our team consists of specialists who perfectly know and like their job. While working in well built team we can ensure smooth and continuous heavy cargoes transportation processes.

  • Be curious and inquisitive! Curiosity drives us forward as the best saddle, because the knowledge and belief in what we do is a force majeure.
  • Try until you reach the goal! If you want to have what you never had, you will have to do what you never did. If you want to transport cargo to the outermost edge of the world - we will do it even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Be trustworthy! Reliability is not acquired, it is deserved - the best proof of this is our regular customers and partners.
  • What do you do - do it consistently! Before performing each task we carefully plan every stage / step and we think about potential barriers – we follow the theory of "step by step" that helps us to stay consistent.
  • Take responsibility! Responsibility - the greatest value both in life and in business. We are not afraid of it - we want it. That's why our transported cargoes do not get lost and arrive on time.
  • The end justifies the means - means help achieve the goal! Our goal - to pursue maximum result. Our means - to work hard and earn money, so we could have a good rest, to protect employees from dangers, to keep up with technical progress and clients, to allocate funds to improve the social environment and social projects.
  • Never stop in the middle of the road and constantly improve! The highest quality of services is our goal number one. We are pursuing it by constantly improving and expanding the range of our services. We can ensure the best result in the shortest time possible in order to avoid feeling while working with us that you are wasting your time.

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BALTIJOS MYLIA UAB is socially responsible and environment conserving company, therefore, we continuously provide additional, ecology promoting service of collecting old accumulators and batteries.  There are a lot of hazardous substances in unused accumulators and batteries, which pose a risk to the environment and human health, so it is prohibited to throw old batteries and automobile accumulators into public waste containers. However, you can always hand over this hazardous waste FOR FREE to Baltijos mylia UAB Accumulator Collection Division, address Jankiškių str. 43, Vilnius, tel. 8 5 2499973

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Įmonės kodas: 300085523
Company code 300085523
EU VAT payer No. LT100001475319
Bank Account No. LT077300010088501081
Bank Swedbank AB


Jankiskiu str. 43A
LT-02300 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: 8 (5) 264 0726
Fax: +370 5 264 0796

Oversized cargoes transportation

Aidas Daučiūnas

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Aleksej Kniazkov
Transport manager
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