What we do



Here you will not find complex and sophisticated definitions of what it is. Oversized cargo transportation - our specialization since 2005. During this time we accumulated a lot of experience, knowledge and we bravely say - it's easy. We transport such cargoes everyday, we think about every step, namely - kilometer. The most important thing is to properly select a vehicle, arrange route, firmly fix cargo in order to ensure safety of cargo and other traffic participants during transportation. By adding effort to every stage it is possible to complete everything within the shortest time possible. Safety and time - we follow these criteria in the performance of daily tasks.



The brightest and most visible service while transporting oversized cargo. Similar to the VIP escort - a lot of beacon lights, lights, sound alerts, and the purpose - to ensure safety. Only in this case we are talking about the safety of other traffic participants and cargo. Escort is performed by professionals who know how will the cargo "behave" while maneuvering on the road, bearing this in mind – they warn other traffic participants in all possible ways, sometimes even stopping the traffic. If you ever meet us on the road working, don’t be angry, we only carry out our duties responsibly for the sake of your safety.


multimodal transportation

Transportation of oversized cargoes in several different means of transport is also called multimodal - often used in practice. Due to different requirements in different countries or just different infrastructure it is useful to combine cargo transportation with other transportation options / measures - sea / inland waterway, rail and air transport.



Have you ever tried to transport your bought truck? Yes? Then you know how much time it takes and how much it costs. We have news for you - requirements are increasing everyday: removing transit numbers, road tax payment procedures, requirements for the driver. You are a manufacturing company or merchant and you are not thinking about the employment of your drivers? Then this service is for you. We will overtake this headache and will do our work, the results will not disappoint you.



We have nothing against this bureaucracy. Many years of experience in cargo transportation, constant deepening of knowledge and following bureaucratic requirements allows instantly predicting the time needed to obtain permits. If everything is performed in accordance with the requirements, term for permits is shorter, there is no need to adjust / edit. We offer our assistance in ordering permits not only for regular partners, but also for new colleagues experiencing difficulties in this area. We have enough reliable partners in many countries, therefore, we can seriously help in receiving permits for oversized transport.